In previous blog entries, I’ve discussed at length the power a Family Court Services (FCS) counselor can have on your case in a county where they can make recommendations to the Court. FCS counselors routinely do a slapdash job, trying to characterize a case in just 30-90 minutes, often on no more than interviews with the parties. FCS has come under increased scrutiny for their failings, and in a recent case, one department got their wrists slapped pretty hard:

Emily Gallup was a Nevada County (in California) FCS counselor who got fired for calling out her department on flagrant violations of the California Rules of Court, the kind made not just in Nevada County, but in counties throughout the state, including San Diego County. This month, she was awarded $133,000 in a wrongful termination lawsuit.

The Center for Judicial Excellence has come out with a good article on the case. Check it out.

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