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Advocacy Resource for San Diego & ED-Vance Educational Services is designed to assist the parental guardians who caters to their child’s special needs. At the moment, owner, Andrea L. Katz is not taking many tutoring sessions but can refer you to a trusted center. Ms. Katz believes the more work parents and advocates put in establishing a concrete IEP for their child, the better the child will thrive in school.


  • Parents completes and provides needed paperwork requested by Advocacy Resource for San Diego
  • Copy of the last three IEP’s (Individual Education Program)
  • Copy of report cards
  • Copy of evaluation reports
  • Copy of documents from outside professionals
  • Currently enrolled into K-12 grade

Advocacy Resource of San Diego & ED-Vance Educational Services

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Alliance Resources and Associates, INC. provides advocacy and consulting for the following:

  • IEP (Individual Education Program)
  • Sec. 504 (IDEA, Sec. 504)
  • Student Study Team
  • Expulsion
  • In-Home Support Services
  • Regional Center and Adult Services
  • Training for Parents and Agencies


  • Assistance for all ages

Allan Roth M.S. ED.

Tel: (760) 481-3126 | Fax: (760) 539-9944 | email:


Pacific Coast Advocates provides the parental guardians with a thorough understanding of the difference between IEP and 504 plan. Many parents are unaware that their child might still qualify services in the 504 plan. Pacific Coast Advocates provides a free 30 minute phone consultation that will help you determine what type of advocacy will be helpful to your child. The services they provide are:

  • Advocacy/Representation
  • Coaching


  • Must have a child qualify for either IEP (Individual Education Program) or 504
  • Fee

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Parents Advocating Together

Parents Advocating Together is a non-profit organization assisting parents and guardians of children with disabilities on valuable resources and guidance with their Individual Educational Program (IEP). The Parental guardians will find:

  • A better understanding of their children’s rights for service and support under section 504 in the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004)
  • Provide educational and emotional support for parentsdvocates provide liaison between school and parental guardian
  • IEP organization


  • Children between pre-school to high school with required IEP
  • Provide proper documentation before consultation

San Diego, CA | (858) 213-8620 | For more information Click Here


TASK is a parent training and information center (PTI) for four areas in Southern California. They provide special educational support for families that have a disabled child. TASK helps facilitate with the process of filling out IEP, 504 Plans, among other government resources that can lead you to become an advocate for yourself or your child. They offer free services that are posted on the calendar on their website.  The services they offer are for:

  • Special Education
  • IEP (Individual Education Program)
  • 504 Plans (IDEA, Sec. 504)
  • Assessments
  • Transition Services
  • Assertive Technology
  • Alternative & Augmentative Communication
  • Transition Plans
  • Disability Services


  • Between the ages of birth – 26 years old with diabilities
  • includes: Mental Illness, Chronic Health and Medical Conditions, Emotional challenges, etc.
  • Assistant Technology: all ages

TASK – San Diego 

3180 University Ave., Ste. 615, San Diego, CA 92104 | (619) 282-0846 | For more information Click Here


Trio Consultants have a unique way of providing services to each person. Their collaboration consist of an expert with thorough understanding of the process, the individual in the Autistic Spectrum, and the family who has dealt with the experience. They can definitely understand your feelings as they go through the process with you. The Trio Consultants offer a guide on becoming a self-advocate for your child.


  • Self-Referral
  • Fill out intake and send documents over to Julia
  • Book a meeting

Trio Consultants – San Diego, CA | For more information Click Here


The name Voz de Victoria originates from the founders personal experience with her daughter Victoria. Marta V. Levya, a bilingual education consultant, has taken the work that she had done with her daughter and has given her knowledge to other parents and guardians who have entered the unknown world of IEP. Voz de Victoria offers:

  • Special Education Advocacy
  • Educational Consulting
  • Residential Treatment Center Placement
  • Expert Witness
  • Must have a child with disabilities (IDEA Approved)


  • Self-Referral

Voz de Victoria

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