Get expert guidance for mediation issues.

Couple sitting on couch listening to therapist

Mediation is the process through which parties can settle their divorce, or portions of their divorce, outside of court through the use of a neutral mediator. The agreements reached through mediation may then be filed in a dissolution action and become enforceable court orders. Mediation puts you and your spouse in control of the process. Unlike a judge, the mediator does not “decide” your case, but instead helps you and your spouse reach a compromise to settle your disputes.

The process of mediation is confidential. Communications and writings prepared for the purpose of mediation are confidential and not admissible in court unless all parties including the mediator agree to waive that confidentiality.

Through the process of mediation, you and your spouse are able to create flexible solutions, which allow both sides to emerge as “winners.” Successful mediation can substantially reduce the time and expense of the dissolution process.

The Marcus Family Law Center can help you by providing representation during the mediation process. Determined by the level of assistance that you require, we can simply provide advice to you throughout the mediation process (acting as a consultant to you), or be more actively involved in the mediation process, working directly with the mediator and/or opposing counsel in reaching agreements. If you are already involved in mediation, and simply looking for someone to review your agreement, we can provide that service as well.